2016 Specialty Show results

Bullmastiff Championship Show June 2016

My thanks to the club for the honour of judging your championship show. Thanks to the exhibitors for their entries. I personally believe only breed specialists are qualified to do critiques however I’m happy to give a little insight into my reasons for my placings. I felt movement let a lot of the dogs down as they weren’t really moving with “power and purpose” but were rather plodding around. Most had good heads with correct black masks. Unfortunately I thought most bites were a little more than “slightly undershot” rather than the desired level bite. Top lines left a bit to be desired with some being rather soft and/or rising up to the rear both on the stack and on the move.

Baby Puppy Dog

1st. Gameguard Hit The Lights – G Sparham

Very happy  friendly baby nearly into minor puppy. Topline rose to a high rear end.

Junior Dog

1st. ChGameguard Hail To The Chief –G Sparham/B Turner

Young dog that stood out taking my eye the minute he entered the ring. Lovely head and expression.Only slightly undershot.Correct topline. Good bone. Good angulation. Very fit muscular dog that moved correctly with power and purpose. Just needs to mature a little more. My BIS winner.

Intermediate Dog

1st. MemrabullYabetchaBotmdolla – T Gooding

Good head. Good bone. Carried topline well on the move.Moved a little close behind.

2nd. Dukory Mello Yello – C Jenkins

Slightly smaller dog.Topline a little soft.Misbehaved.

Aust. Bred Dog

1st. ChFirebullGrabndapoints – A McLaughlin

Mature dog of medium size. Good head. Good strongtopline. Moved well with power.

Unfortunately exhibit # 6 ChRangehaven Dance In The Dark – J Johnstonwas withdrawn as he was lame due to an ant bite.

Mature dog of good substance. Correct head. Good strong topline. Well muscled. Moved with power and purpose even though he was limping. It was a shame to lose him.

Open Dog

1st. ChBullbaden Big Moone – C Tate

Mature dog. Good head. Strong topline.Moved well.

2nd. ChBullalryllZebulons Zest – C Jenkins

Good head. Not as good in topline.

3rd. ChBullaky Bet Hes Good – M & K Sweeney

Good head. Bite more than slightly undershot. Soft topline.


Dog CCChGameguard Hail To The Chief –G Sparham/B Turner

Quality Dog.Balanced.Athletic.Could see him doing the job he was bred for. Didn’t put a foot wrong.Owned the ring.

Res CCChFirebullGrabndapoints – A McLaughlin

Mature well put together dog. Out movedby my CC winner.


Baby Bitch

1st. Peakplatinum Mockingbird - Lovely little bitch shows a lot of promise. Good topline. Moved well.

Puppy Bitch

1st. MalabekDebonnaire (Imp NZ)

Lovely to see a brindle.Topline rises too sharply to rear.

Junior Bitch

1st. Remyk Northern Jewel – A & M Smith

Nice little bitch. Good head with correct mask. Strong topline. Good angulation. Moved very well with purpose.Shows a lot of promise. Just needs to mature.

2nd. Dukory Maleficent –T Mc Dougall

Quite a nice young bitch.Topline not as good.

Intermediate Bitch

1st. Rangehaven Rhythm And Rhyme – L Tarver

Medium sized bitch. Good head. Correct topline. Moved well.

2nd. ChDukoryStellasRebelle –T McDougall

Good head. Little longer in body.Soft topline.

Aust. Bred Bitch

1st. Rangehaven Twilight Legacy – M Cridge

Very nice medium sized bitch. Good head. Dark mask. Ears could be a little darker. Correct level bite. Good strong topline. Good angulation. Moved well.

2nd. ChBullalryll Ebony Face – C Jenkins

Medium sized bitch. Good head. Bite undershot. Good topline. Good angulation. Moved well.

Open Bitch

1st. ChBullmightyYour My Best Friend – V Owen/B Dawson

4 year old bitch “brought out of retirement”.Very nice type. Medium sized. Good Head. Very good pigment.  Good angulation. A little soft in topline.Moved well but unfortunately a little overweight and lazy. Obviously prefers the couch.

Bitch CC.Rangehaven Twilight Legacy

 Nice bitch of good breed type. Well deserved the CC.

Res CC. Remyk Northern Jewel

Lovely young  quality bitch showing a lot of promise.

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