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Judging Resume for Susan Cox

I was born into Bullmastiffs; my grandfather had had Bullmastiffs since the 1930’s, having seen and studied his old pictures how the breed has changed to the present day.

I was given my 1st dog to train and show nearly 50 years ago winning a 1st at Crufts at our first time there. I had an expert trainer in Jim and Dorothy  Price who entrusted me to show their dogs (Jim had Ch Harvester of Lombardy to show and needed someone to handle his other dog) so I was honoured to be allowed to handle them at 12 years old. His training helped me with my own dogs to show them off to their best advantage and being awarded that ultimate CC.

My mother bred several litters Marmoss and Marhalt affix which I helped with the breeding program and with the showing of the  dogs winning many prizes at Championship level. The puppies also got exported abroad.

I then became involved with the Colom kennels and Mary Cox. The Colom kennels have bred many champions, the puppies having been exported all over the world as well. I have shown alot of our dogs making them up to champion status and still have 2 bullmastiffs that I show regularly at the Ch shows.

I have been judging Bullmastiffs for over 30 years and been licensed to award CC’s for 21 years during this time I have awarded CC’s at 2 of the UK’s premier club shows ( the Southern Bullmastiff Society and the British Bullmastiff League shows, both having over 100  entries). I have judged in Finland and Denmark at their main Bullmastiff show along with many of the UK’s Championship shows.

I am only licensed to award CC’s in Bullmastiffs so I hope that is not too much of a problem.

I have attended seminars for Bullmastiffs ran by the Breed Council, covering lameness, diet, nutrition, and other related health problems.

I have just finished a Master’s in Veterinary Pharmacy where a module was on Companion Animal Health Care and another on Animals and Public Health.

I also have bred sport horses and now compete in Endurance riding with Arabians, in the UK and Europe,  so correct construction and checking for lameness in animals  is always a high priority for me.

Susan Cox (Colom Bullmastiffs)


Judging Resume for Norma Zimmerle

Kevin and I got our first Dobermann in the early 70s. We started firstly in Obedience, and went to see a conformation show in 1979 where the show bug bit. Under the Elremiz prefix we had our share of success. I also enjoyed showing  a Cocker, a Sheltie and German Shorthaired Pointers. I have held various positions in clubs, such as the President of  the Dobermann Club of Qld. (for many years) and President of the German Shorthaired Pointer Club. As well as committee positions for many clubs, I was also a Group 6 Co-ordinator for many years. I am currently Patron and Life Member of the Dobermann Club Of Qld., and Patron of the Bullmastiff Club of Qld; both of these honours I hold with pride.

I first entered the judging system in 1989 and obtained my first championship group (group 6) in 1991 and after passing my last hands-on exams in August 2011, thus achevied my All Breeds status. I have been very fortunate to have judged in various states in Australia and in New Zealand and most recently I have been appointed to the Dogs Queensland Council.

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Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Email : [email protected]