2008 National Conformation Results

Best Exhibit In Show and Challenge Dog

Ch Powerbulmas Lord Thomas – Abela/Manlein/Higgs
(Ch Oldwell Blake (Imp UK)/Ch Powerbulmas Minnie)

 A superb example of the breed. Excellent size , bone and construction, demonstrating the epitome of balance and type. This dog  has almost everything that a bullmastiff should have, demonstrating excellent movement with real drive and purpose. Head shape is perfect without any exaggeration of wrinkle or size, this coupled with excellent ear placement gave him a picture book expression. The overall symmetry of the dog made him hard to ignore and it is clear that he has a huge amount to offer the breed. Perhaps the best compliment I can give him is to say how much I would like this dog to be here in the UK as he really is a dog that would take top honours in any country.

Runner Up to Best Exhibit In Show and Reserve Challenge Dog

Ch Yazitzhu Silent Storm – Ogilvie
(Ch Bankg Silvaback Johnson/Bankg Silent Companion)

This veteran dog really did run the overall winner very, very close. A superbly constructed animal of good size, excellent bone and with a very attractive head. Angulation, movement and balance was faultless and it was a pleasure to see a dog supposedly in the twilight of his show career emerging from nowhere to really add some quality to an already stunning line up.  

Challenge Bitch


Ch Powerbulmas Minnie - Abela
(Curnabrae Ike Opbulmas/Powerbulmas Dynah)

I really liked this bitch as she was both feminine and imposing with excellent overall construction and angulation. A little long in loin but with an excellent topline which she always retained on the move. This extra length in back is always an issue with some, but my view is that for a bitch some allowance should be made. Excellent headpiece and a lovely reach of neck. She absolutely flowed around the ring. I was absolutely stunned and very pleased to find out later that she was the mother to my overall BOB.

Reserve Challenge Bitch

Costog Hidcotes Treasure - Oma
(Ch Gameguard Bruelle/Graecia Enchantmed (Imp UK))

A very attractive fawn bitch of quality, excellent pigmentation with good dark eye, excellent head shape with good strong under jaw. Good reach of neck which has such a significant affect on any Bullmastiffs appearance. Level topline nice strong rear end which she used to good effect when moving. Not the largest Bullmastiff shown under me but  well within the standard. 


Baby Puppy Dog

1st Nightquest Rorys Jester - Edwards

(Ch Nightquest Tobin Bronze/Ch Nightquest Scarlet)

A really stunning baby pup with what must be a really promising future, Bone substance, attitude he has them all, and at this early stage his construction and balance is already in place. Who knows at this point just how good he will be, but if early indication is anything to go by then his future is very bright.


2nd Bullarmour Big Cruzer - Kelly

(Ch Saturnbrook Eachway Bet/Ch Bullarmour Kat Ballou)

A very nice fawn pup with a very typical head, excellent overall balance and with everything in place to grow on into a fine Bullmastiff. Moved and handled extremely well. Was not at this stage quite as together as 1 but in my experience time is the great leveller.


3rd Opalguard Robbie - Marshall

(Brinkybull Saxon/Opalguard Hesper)

Once again a very nice bold pup that has all the attributes of a good future Bullmastiff. Very sound construction with excellent balance and type, moved well and certainly was not fazed by the experience. Just lacking the “togetherness” of the class winner.


Baby Puppy Bitch

1st Nightquest Belle De Jour - Edwards

(Ch Nightquest Tobin Bronze/Ch Nightquest Scarlet)

Once again a stunning baby pup that is almost the perfect Bullmastiff in miniature. Excellent construction with bone substance and type in abundance. Moved well and handled with real care and attention. Lost to litter brother as Best Baby Pup on nothing more than a little excessive skin around the neck.


2nd Opalguard Rightbackatya - Marshall

(Brinkybull Saxon/Opalguard Hesper)

Well balanced and typical puppy bitch with good head shape and very pleasing construction, Good reach of neck and nice level topline. Moved and handled extremely well. Would like to see more substance, but these are early days and maturity will do a lot for this particular bitch.


3rd Niolaknight Symphony - Roberts

(Brinkybull Buffalo Bill/Niolaknight Mona Lisa)

A very compact and attractive bitch puppy, who I feel will get better and better. At this young stage does not have the level topline that I hope will come, and is lacking in muscle especially in the rear. However we must remember this is a baby and I really do feel that this pup will improve drastically as time goes by.


Minor Puppy Dog

1st Bullmaster Texas Ranger (AI) – Bullmaster Knls

(Am Ch Hy-Bull’s Pay On Demand/Gr Ch Nightpower Special Rquest)

A very large minor puppy dog, well constructed with good angulation and sound movement. Everything about this dog is big and I do worry when I see a dog of this age as large and as heavy as this, but you judge on the day and although I feel this particular animal may go way over the standard, at this stage he is within, and I do not know how this particular line develops, so it may be the case he has peaked in growth and will now just add maturity, only time will tell.


2nd Bullbadean Attitude Plus – Thomson/Tate

(Powerbulmas Lord Boone/Ch Anmenta Blonde Bombshell)

A young dog needing time to mature, but with some pleasing attributes. Head has potential but obviously needs to develop.  Moved well with good balance and a retention of topline. He looks what he is, an immature and unfinished Bullmastiff with time to alter and improve, he has undoubted potential and I would be interested in seeing him in a year or so.


3rd Bullstone The Prestige - Hart

(Ch Bullmaster King Of The Road/Ch Bullstone Wee Shinipenny)

A very old fashioned looking bullmastiff. Moved and handled very well. Has good angulation, Topline was a little off and head not his strongest point, but we have to remember the age of these dogs and the changes that they go through and year can see some remarkable transformations.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Memrabull Isadora Bell - Dodt

(Ch Opalguard Good As Gold/Ch Ozzybullmez Foxy Roxy)

A very nice and very typical Bullmastiff bitch, good overall angulation and nice level topline. Moved well with drive. Plenty of substance. A very nice head with good pigmentation and dark eye. A very promising pup who obviously lacks maturity at this stage, but will, I feel be one to watch.


2nd Bullmaster Fifth Avenue (AI) – Bullmaster Knls

(Am Ch Hy-Bull’s Pay On Demand/Gr Ch Nightpower Special Rquest)

A big well balanced bitch with excellent angulation,  very nice head with good expression and ear carriage.  Nice reach of neck and lovely width of chest. Retained topline on move  and has undoubted potential. Would have liked more pigmentation with darker ear and more mask.


3rd Kangala Punky Brewster - Cannon

(AU & NZ Ch Copperfield Capt Taunton of Greacia Imp UK)/Ch Kangala Osh Kosh By Gosh)

If personality won prizes then this would be your winner, a very happy outgoing bitch that was pleased to meet just about everyone. A very strong head, good depth of chest nice topline and overall very sound, Tail is very short and detracted from overall appearance.

Puppy dog

1st Opalguard Standn Deliver - Marshall

(Opalguard Leathal Weapon/Powerbulmas Agatha)

I always love the best puppy in show award as nothing gives a clearer indication as to the state of the breed and in my choice I had a really promising  prospect, a very nice typical dog, very well balanced with excellent angulation, a really good front both wide and deep, perfect topline and a really strong backend. Exceptionally nice head and good mouth with nice wide under jaw, would like better shape to eye, but this is a small thing in what is a very nice quality pup. Moved really well and is a Bullmastiff youngster that  shouts his quality, a puppy of real promise.


2nd Bullalryll William Tell - Jenkins

(Bullalryll Ollisius/Bullalryll April Fool)

A high quality red dog pup that has masses of type, once again a beautiful head with lovely expression. Nice reach of neck leading down to good level topline and a strong backend which he used to its full potential on the move. Would like to see a little more width in chest, but once again this is an immature animal that has real promise.


3rd Dunneimed Aces High - Dalby

(Gr Ch Anmenta Blonde Ambition/Tabaree Chantilly Lace)

A good quality animal very typical with a good head, nice width of under jaw, level topline and good rear angulation. Was perhaps a little upright in shoulder, but this may alter with maturity. Moved well  and presented in very good condition. 


Puppy Bitch

1st Anmenta Grand By Design - Smith

(Gr Ch Anmenta Blonde Ambition/Ch Anmenta Zuly Queen)

A real high quality animal with masses of potential. Lovely shape of head with good mouth perfect ear carriage and expression. Superb pigmentation gives a very pleasing appearance.  Excellent substance with good angulation and overall balance. Chest is both wide and deep, this pup promises to be a very high quality bitch when finally at full maturity.


2nd Anmenta Grand Indulgence - Kelly

(Gr Ch Anmenta Blonde Ambition/Ch Anmenta Zuly Queen)

High quality brindle with very many of the qualities of 1. Very nice head and well balanced body, good angulation and lovely overall balance, did not display the personality of her sister and was a little lacklustre in movement.


3rd Anmenta Grand Seduction - Smith

(Gr Ch Anmenta Blonde Ambition/Ch Anmenta Zuly Queen)

A really strong head on this brindle sister to 1 and 2. Once again well made overall and with good balance and type, I felt that movement whilst not incorrect was a little sluggish. Sloped a little in the croup and could have a little more stifle angulation, but still a very nice quality pup that has bags of potential.


Junior Dog


1st Powerbulmas Hondo - Abela

(Ch Oldwell Blake (Imp UK)/Ch Powerbulmas Lady Clara (AI))

A really high quality dog of good substance and textbook angulation. Very good head with nice mouth and wide under jaw, excellent ear placement and wrinkle giving an alert and handsome expression. Lovely reach of neck flowing down to a short coupled back. Angulation and overall balance exceptionally good with movement free and effortless. A young dog that must have a real future.


2nd Powerbulmas Zachari – Abela

(Ch Oldwell Blake (Imp UK)/Ch Powerbulmas Lady Clara(AI))

A good size dog still showing signs of immaturity, however well constructed with good angulation and a nice level topline which he retained on the move. Lovely cat shaped feet and up on pasterns. Head quality is good with a very strong under jaw, a really nice expression.  Still lacking some breadth of chest, but age is on his side.

3rd Grizzmuffley Get Wild - Wehmeier

(Ch Grizzmuffley Luv Machine/Ch Grizzmuffley Babyimastar)

Apricot fawn of of good substance, nice shaped head on a strong neck, short coupled body with good bone and angulation. A little bit light in pigmentation and could have a little bit more reach of neck. Moved and presented well.

Junior Bitch

1st Ch Bullsrkool Blazin Kaos - Tito

(Ch Nightquest Poseidon/Ch Brenton Moulin Rouge (Imp NZ))

A very high quality bitch, displaying a typical and text book head with a good wide under jaw, expressive wrinkling and excellent pigmentation. A well balanced and substantial body with a nice reach of neck, level topline and really good angulation. Moved with real vigour and drive.


2nd Bullvalour Standndeliver - Spice

(Ch Treebrook Water Ash/Bullvalour Celtic Queen)

Another high quality animal with a very good head piece, excellent pigmentation good  well balanced body with excellent topline and reach of neck. Wide under jaw and nice bite. Angulation is sufficient but not quite as good as 1. Moved and handled extremely well.


3rd Tiararebel Sweet Imogen - Dean

(Ch Bullarmour Taras Bulba/Tiararebel Suede Effects)

I really did like this girl who had almost everything, well balanced good substance, lovely head and excellent angulation and perfect pigmentation, unfortunately she decided that moving was not for her and although I have no doubt she is constructed well enough to move well, she refused to demonstrate this on the day.


Intermediate Dog


1st Ch Powerbulmas Lord Thomas – Abela/Manlein/Higgs

(Ch Oldwell Blake (Imp UK)/Ch Powerbulmas Minnie)


2nd Ch Treebrook Trident Maple - Marion

(Ch Treebrook Water Ash/Ch Treebrook Sugar Maple)

A very large upstanding dog of quality, good bone and substance, exceptionally strong head attached to a good reach of neck, nice depth of chest. Level topline and very good overall angulation in front and rear. Moved with drive.


3rd Anmenta Imperial Topaz - Somerville

(Ch & NZ CH Kugel Red Rebellion (Imp NZ)/Ch Anmenta Zulu Queen)

A well constructed and well balanced dog with good head and substantial body. Nice short coupled back with good tail set. Good angulation, well up on pasterns and displaying an overall balance that was very pleasing to see.


Intermediate Bitch

 1st Costog Hidcotes Treasure - Oma

(Ch Gameguard Bruelle/Graecia Enchantmed (Imp UK))

A very attractive fawn bitch of quality, excellent pigmentation with good dark eye, excellent head shape with good strong under jaw. Good reach of neck which has such a significant affect on any Bullmastiffs appearance. Level topline nice strong rear end which she used to good effect when moving. Not the largest Bullmastiff shown under me but  well within the standard.


2nd Saturnbrook Eight Below - Hodgetts

(Gr Ch Kangala Ozzie Osborne/Treebrook Candle Bark)

A good size bitch of exceptional temperament. Good head shape, with good overall mouth, nice wide chest with depth of brisket to match. Angulation and overall balance was very good and moved really well on the day.


3rd Ch Powerbulmas Angelica - Abela

(Bullgate Evenstar/Oldwell Norton (Imp UK))

Good strong honest bitch, well wrinkled with a good head and body shape, nice overall balance. Angulation was very good although topline a little variable on the move. Nice pigmentation and plenty of substance. A lot to like about this bitch.


Australian Bred Dog

1st Ch Powerbulmas Lord Ralph - Brinkworth

(Ch Oldwell Blake (Imp UK)/Ch Powerbulmas Minnie)

High quality fawn dog of good size and excellent construction. Head of text book construction with a very good mouth. Angulation and balance both excellent. Topline and rear construction good and moved with real drive. What really appealed to me with this dog was the lack of over-exaggeration and his closeness to the standard.


2nd Ch Treebrook Mountain Ash - Marion

(Ch Treebrook Desert Oak/Ch Treebrook Sugar Maple)

A larger heavy set dog with very strong head good substance and bone, Good deep chest with plenty of width. Well muscled all over and moved well. Obviously a different more heavy type than 1 but still within the standard, just lacking the overall balance of  class winner.


3rd Saturnbrook Eachway Bet (AI)

(Gr Ch Kangala Ziggy/Treebrook River Gum)

A classy looking dog, well balanced with good head and pigmentation good ear set. Nice reach of neck and level topline which he retained on the move. This was a good dog in a good class, but for me I would prefer just a little more substance.


Australian Bred Bitch

1st Ch Bulavista Pretty Woman (AI) - Ellis

(Harletts Heartbreak Ridge (USA)/Ch Bulltiful Curtain Call)

A very nice substantial red bitch of good balance and symmetry. Lovely reach of neck with good overall angulation. Really excellent depth of chest with nice short back Topline OK and moved well. My own recording on the day noted that the head was good but reminiscent of some American heads that I have seen. This is not an issue but clearly demonstrates that certain countries individual types are recognisable, given this bitches breeding.


2nd Ch Nightquest Arena - Winters

(Ch Dayquest Maximus/Ch Nightquest Ethereal)

Another quality red bitch of substance, very strong head with plenty of wrinkle, nice level topline and excellent angulation. Well up on pastern with good cat-like feet. Nice deep chest with short loin. Excellent pigmentation. A real solid bitch with plenty to offer the breed.


3rd Ch Kangala Fergalicious - Cannon

(Ch Saturnbrook Triple Treat/Ch Kangala Osh Kosh by Gosh)

A high class bitch of real type, good overall angulation and substance, well muscled and moved with real style. Lovely head type with good pigmentation. I have to say that this is my type of bitch however I felt that the topline did detract from the overall symmetry of this animal which pushed her down the line.


Open Dog

1st Ch Treebrook Desert Oak – Marion/Sickerdick

(Ch Bullvalour Jacks Pryde/Treebrook Willow Gum)

A well constructed dog with excellent angualtion front and rear, beautiful level topline, which he retained on move. Lovely textbook head attached to a good length of neck. Good wide chest with nice depth. I thought he was one of the best moving dogs of the day. I suppose his detractors will always cite his two tone appearance, but this is a cosmetic fault only and one I would far prefer over a structural or temperamental one. Very unlucky to come up against my eventual winners on the day.


2nd Powerbulmas Boys Own – Abela/Harrison

(Ch Pryderi Glyndwr (Imp UK)/Ch Powerbulmas Geri)

Very nice upstanding dog with fantastic muscular development, beautiful balance and angulation. Head good but perhaps not quite as strong as 1. Lovely reach of neck with nice short coupled back. Moved really well as did all the first three in this class. A really attractive dog of 5 that is now in his prime.


3rd Ch Gameguard Toma Hawk - Hodgetts

(Ch Grasslock Lord Oth Manor/Gameguard Penchant)

Large fawn dog , heavy in bone and type whilst still remaining within the standard. Good reach of neck lovely depth of chest and excellent rear angulation. Moved with drive but perhaps not quite retaining his topline  as well as 1 and 2.


Open Bitch


1st Ch Powerbulmas Minnie - Abela

(Curnabrae Ike Opbulmas/Powerbulmas Dynah)


2nd Ch Brenton Moulin Rouge (Imp NZ) - Tito

(NZ Ch Bankg Bullanzac Imp Aust)/NZ Ch Bullestate Kruse Control)

Lovely red bitch well balanced and angulated. Nice deep chest with lovely depth. Excellent substance and in very good overall condition. Probably the strongest head in the class and moved really well. For me it was very close with 1, but the overall type of my class winner won the day.


3rd Ch Kimbullad Break The Ice (AI) - Richardson

(Eng Ch Bunsoro Red Sails/Gr Ch Beheamoth The Chosen One)

A very substantial red bitch of quality, lovely overall pigmentation with nice dark eye and ears. Very sound construction with nice depth and width of chest.  Level topline. and along with my first and second in this class, really good angulation. Movement was excellent. This is a bitch of the highest quality.


Veteran Dog

Runner-Up to Best Exhibit In Show and Reserve Challenge Dog

1st Ch Yazitzhu Silent Storm – Ogilvie

(Ch Bankg Silvaback Johnson/Bankg Silent Companion)


Veteran Bitch

1st Ch Treebrook River Gum - Hodgetts

(Ch Bramarley Brook Trees/Ch Treebrook Coral Gum)

Nice compact bitch of 8 and a half years, well constructed with good bone and substance, nice shape to head. Short coupled with good overall angulation, in really good condition for her age and still enthusiastic about being in the ring.


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