2017 Pointscore Shows

The Pointscore Show for 2017



Saturday 4th  - Gundogs and Heavy Breeds Champ Show


Sunday 16th – Bundaberg Kennel Club Champ Show (2nd Show)



Saturday 30th  – Western Suburbs Coast Kennel Club Champ Show  *


Saturday 13th  – Brisbane Valley Kennel Club Champ Show


Sunday 11th – Ipswich Kennel Club Champ Show  *



Saturday 5th  – Northern Classic Kennel Club Champ Show


Sunday 20th  - Gundogs and Heavy Breeds Champ Show


Saturday 16th – Hervey Bay Kennel Club Champ Show (2nd Show)


Saturday 23rd – Bullmastiff Club of Qld Open Show

Saturday 23rd – Dog of the Year Support Champ Show

(Double Header)


Saturday 14th  – Waterloo Bay Kennel Club Champ Show

Saturday 14th  – Waterloo Bay Kennel Club Champ Show

(Double Header)

How the Point Score System Works

There are 12 point score shows in 2016 and the top 8 scores for each dog will be tallied to give a final result. You must remain to exhibit for all classes including CLASS IN GROUP and CLASS IN SHOW. If you choose not to stay you will forfeit your pointscore points.


In order for your wins to be included in your pointscore tally, you need to be a financial member prior to commencement of the show.

Sashes are awarded for Bullmastiff of the Year, Runner-up Bullmastiff of the Year, Opposite Bullmastiff of the Year and Puppy of the Year.


Puppy of the Year

Is the Best Puppy from the combined classes of Baby, Minor and Puppy. The 3 classes will be totaled together for an overall result.


Allocation of Points                                                    Plus add the highest applicable


Best of Breed                      15                                       Best in Show           5

RU Best of Breed                10                                       RU in Show             4

Challenge                             8                                       Best in Group          4 

Reserve Challenge              6                                        RU Best in Group    3

Class of Breed                    5                                         Class in Show          3 

1st in Class                        4                                          Class in Group         2

2nd in Class                      3                                                             

3rd in Class                       2                                                              

Competing                        1                                                               


* Possible international judge as ANKC website shows international judges booked for the show.

Contact Details

Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Email : [email protected]